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The Fishin' Hole is listed in the new book "Fishing Online: 1,000 Best Web Sites"! That tells you what a cool site this is - thank you to the author, Craig Buddo!

This is THE spot where you will find all kinds of fishing information from the best homemade Fishing Bait Recipes including tons of Catfish Bait And Carp Bait Recipes to choose from. We also have Fishing Tips and Fishing Tales from our many visitors and links to a bunch of Fishing related sites.

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Our many repeat visitors e-mail their tips and recipes that contribute to making this site the best online resource for Fishing Bait Recipes. And, due to the hundreds of requests for a way to download all our recipes to take on trips or just to have on hand, we offer our Fishing Bait Recipe eBook for only $4.95!

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All the information we receive during the week is updated every Friday during our weekend update--as best we can considering the volume! So check back often as there is always something new at the Fishin' Hole!

Maybe you have Fishing Web Site? Just click on our Add Your Site and add your site to our index. The Fishin' Hole is known for tons of info - so join in feel to e-mail your tips and recipes!

"The fastest growing thing in nature is a fish -
from the time a guy catches it until he tells everyone about it!"
Author Unknown

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